Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preview: Random Japanese Magazine Scans

Beautiful Make-Up Tutorial Scans

This is just my little preview of a few random Japanese Magazine tutorial scans. My aim is to share these beautiful makeup creations with you, as they can be utilized as an inspiration to everyday women (especially asian) from different backgrounds. Everyone has a different taste, so they can improvise the look to intensify it, or make it more subtle (by applying to their own liking, less). The dramatic makeup looks of over-the-top models featured in magazines has always piqued me simply because I know I'd never be brave enough to go all-out for fear of looking like a Drag Queen if I decide to "copy" the makeup look...but knowing what parts will work best is the key to enhancing one's natural beauty.

I plan to share a lot more <3

(Please click on image for Full Size)

Be glad to show off your version of these stunning looks.

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