Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautyscape: Re-created!

Off --- Finally, after months and months of figuring how to get my old blog URL back, a tweet to Gatsby along with a blogger requesting help, has solved my problem. He got my URL back to me and I am so happy! Time to blog...he has no idea he made my day, or night considering it's 10:35 PM right If anyone of you have issues with blogger, hit him up on twitter @electrobutter or on google blogger help and maybe he'll be able to help you out as well! I simply love productivity.
Last but not least --- Time to finally blog! I'm officially launched ;0 What's in store? It is an (inner/outer) beauty blog of sorts after all...

so this isn't going to be all about the miracles of make-up, but health, skincare and everything in between. Beauty is defined in many, many ways...and this is my scene, my own Beautyscape. Cheesy, ne? ;D

Now I know someone's going to talk about my background image here, lol. Very girly, full of pink and pop. Yes, I created it so bare with it. It took me a while to do! I'm very proud of it. >.> And here's my Artistic Signature Watermark ;o Thank God I decided not to put that on the background! Tsiab is indeed my very own unique artist branding name used for my artworks. Aika is just a username I'm known and go by.

The meaning of my name is quality diamond...or so my fortune told.

T is for Trustworthy

S is for Silly

I is for Inspirational

A is for Artistic

B is for Bewitching 

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