Tuesday, August 25, 2009

April 09 Bea's Up Cover Ayumi Hamasaki + Makeup Tutorial Scans & Eyebrow Fixes, Tips and Guides

Isn't Ayu such a pretty doll? She's breathtakingly beautiful on the cover of any magazine! But I found this one especially stunning, in her kimono-modernized dress of sorts and ornaments. Plus, a ton of makeup tutorial scans; just scroll down. ^.~

And here are the makeup tutorial scans I quite liked:
Great for every day use as it's very subtle and natural for a flawless finish, using liquid foundation or powder/mineral foundation.

Eyebrow Fixes:
I found it really interesting how they did they whole facial alignments to better determine and position the eyebrows naturally.
Facial Massages:
I've tried a few and it relaxes the tensions...great tips.

Feb 09 ar Cover + Makeup Tutorial Scans

Romantic Allure - A very nude natural makeup tutorial scan of ar Feb 09.
Cover as usual for reference.
(Please click on image for Full Size)

Jan 09 ar Cover + Hair & Makeup Tutorial Scans

I found my old scan folders, so I had to put this up! The cover of January 09 ar magazine featured Hinano Yoshikawa...she looks so angelic, ne? (I'm falling in love with her hair again.)  I enjoy flipping and clicking through these scans so much...they're all beautiful in their own way.  Even if it's in Japanese, I believe that every girl can glimpse through them, and get a universal understanding...in any language that is. The meaning "A picture's worth a thousand words" is true in this case.

(Please click on image for Full Size)
Hairtyles using Lucido hair fix products. I honestly prefer serums ^_^" but I'd give this a try.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preview: Random Japanese Magazine Scans

Beautiful Make-Up Tutorial Scans

This is just my little preview of a few random Japanese Magazine tutorial scans. My aim is to share these beautiful makeup creations with you, as they can be utilized as an inspiration to everyday women (especially asian) from different backgrounds. Everyone has a different taste, so they can improvise the look to intensify it, or make it more subtle (by applying to their own liking, less). The dramatic makeup looks of over-the-top models featured in magazines has always piqued me simply because I know I'd never be brave enough to go all-out for fear of looking like a Drag Queen if I decide to "copy" the makeup look...but knowing what parts will work best is the key to enhancing one's natural beauty.

I plan to share a lot more <3

(Please click on image for Full Size)

Be glad to show off your version of these stunning looks.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautyscape: Re-created!

Off --- Finally, after months and months of figuring how to get my old blog URL back, a tweet to Gatsby along with a blogger requesting help, has solved my problem. He got my URL back to me and I am so happy! Time to blog...he has no idea he made my day, or night considering it's 10:35 PM right now...lol. If anyone of you have issues with blogger, hit him up on twitter @electrobutter or on google blogger help and maybe he'll be able to help you out as well! I simply love productivity.
Last but not least --- Time to finally blog! I'm officially launched ;0 What's in store? It is an (inner/outer) beauty blog of sorts after all...

so this isn't going to be all about the miracles of make-up, but health, skincare and everything in between. Beauty is defined in many, many ways...and this is my scene, my view...my own Beautyscape. Cheesy, ne? ;D

Now I know someone's going to talk about my background image here, lol. Very girly, full of pink and pop. Yes, I created it so bare with it. It took me a while to do! I'm very proud of it. >.> And here's my Artistic Signature Watermark ;o Thank God I decided not to put that on the background! Tsiab is indeed my very own unique artist branding name used for my artworks. Aika is just a username I'm known and go by.

The meaning of my name is quality diamond...or so my fortune told.

T is for Trustworthy

S is for Silly

I is for Inspirational

A is for Artistic

B is for Bewitching