Monday, January 18, 2010

Momoeri *Picture Heavy*

-Testing the limits of posting pictures; I'll probably delete this post soon, as it's a test.-Very picture heavy as I'm on the laptop and it just doesn't feel right to do much on here c.c; I'm used to doing everything on my gargantuan slow compy, lol. A ton of Eri Momoka, or better known as Momoeri as seen in continuous Koakuma Ageha (A Japanese Magazine "Little Devil" dedicated to Gyaru and Hostess style, hair, fashion, beauty..etc etc). I'm not much into Gyaru Or Hime Kei styles to be honest, but I can appreciate glancing through good hair tutorials and makeup tips. Here's the complete pages of Momoeri, shared by a buddy. Credits to Sushi-Cat for the scans. All respective property of Momoeri* xD

[Click on images for FULL HQ Viewing]

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